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Jones/NCTI Launches App For Field Techs

Jones/NCTI has launched Amp, an app for front line field tech that delivers on-demand information and training to PC browsers and mobile devices.

The app, called Amp, delivers a range of content to those on-the-go techs, including training content and curriculum materials, and alerts on safety updates and severe weather, and is designed to boost “first call resolution” while aligning field teams with customer service, Jones/NCTI said.

According to the company, Amp provides, “thousands of hours of video” covering demos, on-the-job tips and aids, and tutorials. In addition to Jones/NCTI’s course content, the app can also support custom learning materials and third-party vendor equipment education information.

Jones/NCTI supports Amp on Web browsers and via apps for iOS and Android-powered devices.

"Amp takes learning to the next level, and empowers technicians to do their job accurately," said Stacey Slaughter, CEO and CFO of Jones/NCTI, said in a statement. "As companies require a workforce with more comprehensive skills and education, Amp provides the just-in-time knowledge technicians need to provide an excellent customer service experience 'in the moment.' We are invigorating our products to ensure that Jones/NCTI tools support the way technicians learn today so that they can personalize their experience with bite-size, chunk knowledge, social learning and more."