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John Montgomery Named Chairman of 4A's Privacy Committee

John Montgomery, COO of GroupM, has been tapped as the Chairman of the 4A's new privacy committee, it was announced Friday.

new committee will focus on internet privacy issues as it relates to
advertising, marketing and media industries. Meeting every six weeks,
the committee will discuss the potential new privacy legislation that
will allegedly protect the collection of personal information about
consumers that could be used for marketing purposes.

is a recognized expert in the privacy arena and was the perfect choice
to act as chairman of our new committee," said 4A's President/CEO Nancy
Hill.  "The internet privacy issue is of vital importance to our
membership and their clients, and I expect the committee to vigorously
address their needs as it moves forward."

Montgomery testified in a March 16 hearing before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on the issue.

said, "We strongly support online privacy but we need to regain a
balance in the communication to internet users. We must help consumers
understand the benefit of a largely free, advertising supported internet
and the data that we collect to support behavioral targeting."