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John Edward scraps terrorist victims seance plan

The one thing John Edward definitely crossed over was the line and the
'psychic' has shelved plans for a series of Crossing Over With John
episodes focusing on people killed in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Studios USA Domestic Television said Thursday that it is retreating from the
plan to air the segment on broadcast syndication and cable's Sci Fi Channel.

Citing 'a reaction that none of us expected,' the company's president, Steve
Rosenberg, said that while some segments for the shows have already been taped,
they will not be broadcast.

The shows, tentatively scheduled for November sweeps, would have featured
psychic John Edward purporting to communicate the messages of victims of the
World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks to their surviving family members.

After the story broke in Broadcasting & Cable Wednesday night,
Edwards got a new vision, one of reporters flooding Studios USA with

All the attention, 'seemed a little crazy,' says Rosenberg, 'But we have too
good a show to do something that might offend people.'

Rosenberg said there had never been a firm decision on how or when the
segments would air. He reiterated that victims' families were the ones asking to
get the shows made.

In fact, he said, many families affected by the tragedy have gone to see
Edward privately for readings.

Rosenberg cited one woman who said it was the happiest she'd been since Sept.

Several CBS stations carrying the show, including WCBS-TV New York,
apparently knew the WTC-themed shows were being developed.

But industry executive said they didn't realize Studios USA might be close to
committing to them.

Insiders say CBS station executives contacted Studios USA Thursday about the

But CBS station executives contacted for this story say that it was
ultimately Studios USA's decision to pull the plug. - Susanne Ault