Jewish Life Television Lights Up Chanukah Fare On Dec. 10

Jewish Life Television will light up its expansive Chanukah-related programming on Saturday night.
The network's inaugural "18 Nights of Chanukah" will feature holiday-themed world premiere specials, music events, cooking shows and installments of JLTV series, as well as Chanukah-related interstitials and shout-outs from Hollywood stars, beginning Saturday, Dec. 10. Starting Dec. 20, the first night of the holiday, JLTV will dedicate its entire primetime schedule exclusively to Chanukah-related programming for the next eight nights.
JLTV, which counts Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Atlantic Broadband as affiliates, says it will become the first network to turn over its schedule to Chanukah-related fare, which is being sponsored by Macy's and its 800 outlets nationwide.
"Television is full of Christmas programming, franchises and events, such as ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas" and TBS's annual marathon of "A Christmas Story," but basically nothing dedicated to Chanukah," said JLTV founder and CEO Phil Blazer in announcing the programming gambit. "JLTV will fill that void for viewers, affiliates and advertisers starting this year with ‘18 Nights of Chanukah.' We are thrilled that Macy's will be with us for Chanukah this first time out. Given the size and loyalty of our viewers, we anticipate other marketers looking to reach our large and desirable consumer audience as we grow our Chanukah franchise."
To that end, the network plans to grow the franchise in the years to come.
"The actual dates of Chanukah fluctuate based on the Hebrew calendar. In fact, Chanukah will start early in the next two years ahead - December 8 next year and November 27 in 2013. This will mean that the national shopping season will start earlier as well," Blazer explained. "We plan to grow our Chanukah franchise into 26 days next year, to feature the 18 nights leading to the holiday and the eight days and nights of Chanukah itself, in order to help marketers and sponsors reach our affluent and fiercely loyal audience in a timely fashion."
This year, viewers of JLTV's inaugural "18 Nights of Chanukah" will see: One Community -- the premiere episode focuses on how to juggle the holidays in inter-faith families; Jewish Music Video CountdownMain Street; Authentic Wisdom of Kabbalah; and Kosher Organic Ranchero. Other "18 Nights" fare: Universal Studios Hollywood Chanukah,Alex the Menorah Man, Sam Glaser's Rock'n Chanukah Revue, and  A Musical Chanukah Celebration.
Among those sharing Chanukah wishes and memories via the interstitials: cast members from Glee, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Young and The Restless, among others, as well as JLTV hosts and talent.