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Jennings promotes old friend

ABC News' Peter Jennings is expected to cut promos for the new commentator at
WVNY(TV) Burlington, Vt.-Plattsburgh, N.Y.

New arrivals don't always get such fanfare, particularly in DMA No. 91, but the
new man at Channel 22 is Barrie Dunsmore, who put in 30 years at ABC News before
retiring several years back.

Dunsmore moved to the market with his young second family and recently
decided to get back in the game, albeit part-time. Longtime friend and colleague
Jennings -- best man at Dunsmore's wedding -- is thrilled at his return. "He's been beating up on me since I retired," Dunsmore said.

Why the unretirement? "I'm doing it to keep my brain working," Dunsmore said. "I offer myself as somebody who's been around the block a couple of
times." But, he added, as someone who spent nearly all his career meeting
deadlines, "I'm more used to running than sitting and thinking."