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Jane's Addition

The Jane Pauley Show rebounded Monday after a tough first week.

NBC Universal's new talker had a good Labor day, averaging a 2.2/5 in the metered markets (minus six hurricane-challenged Florida markets--Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers).

The caveats are that it was the Labor Day Holiday, plus, following a weekend of promotions, syndie shows often do better on Monday than on Friday. Still, that was up 16% over Friday's 1.9/5 average, and actually up even more than that.

Friday's 1.9/5 in 54 metered markets included some rather eye-popping numbers in a couple of Florida markets, a 9.8/14 in Miami (market number 17 on WPLG at 4 p.m. and an 11.3/20 in West Palm Beach on WPEC at 10 a.m. Trouble is, in both those markets the world-beating numbers were not for Pauley but for hurricane coverage that pre-empted the show. So, while that makes Friday a little more of a downer, it will boost the Monday percentage gain even higher.

Although Friday's number is problematic since it includes the as-yet-uncorrected hurricane numbers, it was, for the time being, also up from Thursday's 1.8/5.