Jacksonville's WJXT(TV) ends CBS affiliation

Post-Newsweek Stations Inc.'s WJXT(TV) Jacksonville, Fla., and CBS are
breaking up after a 53-year relationship.

The station said it would go independent this summer after management
couldn't come to terms on a new affiliate deal with the network.

In a prepared statement, Post-Newsweek president Alan Frank said: 'WJXT will
be dramatically expanding its local presence -- which is already among the most
successful in the nation -- adding staff and committing to serving
Jacksonville-area viewers even more effectively. The relationship with CBS,
which has been an important component of our service in the past, has been
evolving in ways that constrain our ability to accomplish these goals.'

In the same release, issued by the station group, CBS
affiliate-relations head Peter Schruth was quoted as saying: 'We regret that CBS
and Post-Newsweek Stations could not come to terms on a long-term affiliation
agreement in Jacksonville. We have been affiliated with WJXT since October 1949.
Throughout the years CBS has performed very well for the station, as has WJXT
for the network. We wish them the very best and look forward to continuing our
partnership with Post-Newsweek through our affiliation with WKMG-TV Orlando