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iPhone App Allows Users to Earn Free Pepsi

A new iPhone app, called IntoNow, will allow users to
"check in" to an advertisement shown on TV, and get a free Pepsi, Advertising
Age reported.

Users can hit the app when viewing the ad, which is
recognized by audio-fingerprinting technology, and the coupon for a free
20-ounce bottle of Pepsi Max will be downloaded onto the phone. The idea behind
the app is to spread the campaign throughout social media, such as Facebook and
Twitter. Pepsi will honor up to 50,000 coupons to test the validity of
interactive TV advertising.

The baseball-themed advertisement will air during MLB
games throughout the year. The technology behind the app uses technology that
not only recognizes the ad itself, but what medium through which it is viewed -
even DVR and YouTube.

This is not the first time audio-fingerprinting
technology has been used in the advertisement industry. Shazam, the first
audio-tagging service for the iPhone, launched a giveaway featuring an Old Navy
ad and a free pair of jeans.
particular ad campaign not only gives the marketers a chance to see who is
watching the content, but where - and also reward those who do.