INTX 2016: Comcast Previews New Consumer Gear

BOSTON -- Comcast is using this week’s INTX confab here to show off several new consumer products that will debut soon, including a new wireless video client device, called the Xi5, that will support High Dynamic Range (HDR), a format that enables a richer image through brighter and more colorful pixels.

That device (the one in the middle shown here) will work in tandem with the XB6, a multi-service gigabit wireless gateway that will also support the MSO’s Xfinity Home service.  The Xi5 is currently in small field trials.

To facilitate whole-home coverage, Comcast is also showing a network extender product (far right) that supports several platforms including WiFi, Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) and Ethernet.  That product is expected to start shipping in 2017.

Also on show is a sleeker remote control that emphasizes the MSO’s voice search/navigation platform. That will start to ship by the end of this year and reach volume shipments sometime in 2017.

More to come…