Intraway Brings Self-Management To Cable WiFi

Intraway Corp., a maker of software for operational and business support systems, said it has developed a new tool that lets broadband subs self-manage their WiFi DOCSIS devices from a Web-based interface.

When activated, that capability allows customers to change and recover passwords and SSIDs, and select individual WiFi channels, the company said, noting that it’s now an add-on to its Provisioning Suite and aims to reduce customer calls to MSOs.

Intraway is introducing the tool as cable operators expand the rollout of DOCSIS-powered gateways that build in WiFi and other home networking components. It’s also coming into view as MSOs such as Comcast and Cablevision Systems employ “homespots” that enable those routers to emit secondary SSID signals that can be accessed by other credentialed broadband customers.

"Password recovery is one of the most frequent requests that customer service representatives receive,” Patricio Latini, SVP of broadband communications at Intraway, said in a statement. “Currently, the majority of solutions allow users to change passwords, but do not remind them of a saved password. This represents an important setback for the user, who today has multiple devices connected to the local wireless network. With this new tool, we will help to improve the satisfaction of end-users, who will now have the possibility of recovering their passwords for their home networks by themselves.”

Intraway’s customers include Cablemas, Mediacom Communications, Cablevision of Mexico, and Cable Onda of Panama, among others.