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Internet PPV buying gets CTAM demo, an Internet-based TV-listings provider and TelVue, a pay-per-view-fulfillment company for cable operators, will be demonstrating the ability to allow cable customers to order pay-per-view movies and events over the Internet, at the CTAM Summit in Boston July 16-19.

"This is really a baby step to allow the Internet to have more impact on the existing infrastructure," says Chief Operating Officer Saul Shapiro. "We'll be able to get a better understanding of consumers' behavior and what it will take to motivate them to make a purchase."

Executive Director, Marketing, Wanda Rachel Glinert says visitors are making their nightly viewing decisions when they log onto the site at work. The belief is that PPV buy rates could increase if visitors are given the option of buying the event ahead of time.

Once the customer places the order, the Gist Web site will integrate with TelVue's backend system to verify that he or she is a TelVue customer. Password protection will also be used.

"The three-month test will allow us to see where the traffic is coming from, and we'll be able to try different ways of promoting the service," adds Shapiro.

"It'll give us a chance to really test and see what it takes to get someone to buy a movie."