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Internet-Based Novella Set to Debut

A new multicultural soap opera featuring product-placement and brand-integration technology will debut Tuesday on the Internet.

A total of 40 seven-minute episodes of alamoheightsSA -- a novella following the lives of families of two families, one in San Antonio and one in Mexico -- will be distributed on the Internet, as well as via ad-supported Internet networks like Brightcove, in both Spanish and English, according to a show spokeswoman.

Texas-based production company Alamo Heights SA Holdings created the series.

The show signed an advertising deal with online lingerie company YumDrop to have its products appear within the shows, according to the spokeswoman.

"Advertisers love the business model and are anxious to take advantage of this new and less-expensive channel to their target markets," Alamo Heights SA Holdings producer Eric Weymueller said in a prepared statement.