Intelsat: Galaxy 17 Is Fully Operational

Intelsat announced that its Galaxy 17 satellite -- which will offer 24 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders for video, corporate and consumer broadband customers -- is now fully operational and providing services.

The satellite, built by Thales Alenia Space, will cover Intelsat’s North America and Caribbean customers. The satellite launch was Intelsat’s first of the year, and it expects two more satellite launches in 2007 -- Intelsat 11 in September and Horizons 2 later in the year.

“With all of the tests successfully completed and operations on track, Galaxy 17 enters service in a market with strong demand from customers seeking new C- and Ku-band capacity in North America,” Intelsat CEO David McGlade said in a prepared statement.

Galaxy 17 marks Intelsat’s 52nd satellite in its operational fleet.