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Integra5 Changes Name To 'MediaFriends'

Integra5, a provider of real-time communications technology to cable and other service providers, will change its name to MediaFriends to emphasize the social-networking aspects of its products.

MediaFriends is the name of a series of applications the company launched last year, designed to provide text-messaging features across TVs, PCs and mobile phones.

"Consumers are communicating differently today and have expectations that no matter where they are or what device they are using, that the experience will be seamless and real-time," MediaFriends president and CEO Meredith Flynn-Ripley in announcing the name. "MediaFriends is about empowering video and mobile operators to generate new forms of revenue by putting users at the center of their communities of friends, content and communications and making them accessible across different networks and devices."

The Woburn, Mass.-based company has about 40 customers including Suddenlink Communications, WideOpenWest, Canada's Videotron and Liberty Global's VTR Chile. In addition, Sprint Nextel has a deal to resell its caller ID on the TV and PC services.

The company's new Web site is