Insight to Boost VOD Content

New York -- Insight Communications will increase the amount of hourly video-on-demand content it offers subscribers by 82% by the end of 2006, according to vice president of programming Melani Griffith.

Griffith was speaking at an event here Thursday sponsored by the New York chapter of the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

"We're about to roll out a massive VOD upgrade across all of our districts," she said.

The programming will be a mix of free and paid content, she added. Overall, Insight will increase its number of VOD titles by 115%. "We'll have almost 7,000 titles per month," Griffith said, without providing details about what type of programming will be offered.

A major emphasis for Insight will be selling ads against free-VOD content, Griffith said, adding, "We're 100% focused on ad sales."

Insight plans to concentrate on selling ad space on VOD menus, rather than selling video advertising within VOD programming. For example, Griffith said, on a VOD menu for Food Network, there could be an ad for Kraft Foods barbecue sauce in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen.

Griffith said Insight expects to share ad revenue with programming partners. Ads sold against VOD content, she added, are "all upside."