The Industry's Most Sought-After Skills: A Job Seeker's Guide

Only a few years ago, any job seeker who had a resume boasting
expertise in "video, voice and data" was all but guaranteed to land a
plum job in the telecommunications industry. Now that triple combo is a
basic requirement for just about every position in the business. The
shift in status from feather-in-the-cap to standard skill set is
indicative of the tumultuous change taking place in our industry-and the
constant shift in the value of particular job skills.

To give us an idea of where the emphasis is today, I've asked two
experts, Hali Croner, President and CEO of The Croner Company, and Lisa
Kaye, President & CEO of greenlightjobs, to share their insights on
the skills and experience most in demand by industry employers including
broadcast and cable networks, media and entertainment companies,
manufacturers, technology developers and multiple systems operators

It should come as no surprise that technological
expertise looms larger than ever on the radar screens of employers
throughout the industry. In fact, of the seven new "job families" The
Croner Company included in CTHRA's 2010 Compensation Surveys, three fall
under the technology umbrella: technical recruiting, technical
training, and technology/IT management.

Ms. Croner shared some
insight, "A further indication of the speed and spread of technological
change is the introduction of new top-level job categories such as chief
strategy officer and chief technology officer who are now in charge of
"traditional" technologies as well as IT"

Ms. Kaye added,
"Technology, digital media, and any specialty area involving IT,
engineering, project management and the ability to leverage across
multi-platforms are considered growth areas in the media and
entertainment industry and represent a significant percentage of the
jobs we see posted on our career site."

In the current economic
climate, project managers are in particular demand as companies look to
consolidate and optimize their resources, increase efficiency and save
money. Other skills that lend themselves well to jobs in the technology
category include finance, human resources, IT, business development and

Going Green
"Green" jobs, including
engineering positions with an environmental slant also rank high on the
growth list, as employers in all industry sectors seek ways to make
their physical facilities and work practices more earth-friendly. To
fill "green" positions, employers look for experience in such fields as
conservation, environmental affairs, renewable energy and facilities

Sales and Marketing
The scope of positions
queried in CTHRA's 2010 Compensation Surveys and greenlightjobs' career
listings show an ever-increasing focus on sales and marketing at all
levels. Ms. Kaye explained, "Companies are looking to leverage talent
with skills that will help produce revenue and immediately increase
their profitability."

Sought-after skills in this arena run the
gamut from inbound and outbound telesales to market research, online
advertising sales, account planning, sales engineering, B2B sales, and
relevant managerial experience in sales and marketing.

Growth Areas

Two areas offer growing opportunities for job
seekers who have or can develop the appropriate skills: customer care
and government relations, which is now considered a function in its own
right, separate from regulatory affairs.

Working Both Sides
programmers and MSOs tended to hire job seekers from their respective
environments. That trend has shifted toward candidates in all job
categories who offer solid working knowledge of both sides of the
business. Two factors are contributing to the escalating value of
well-rounded employees: the continued consolidation of the industry and
an increase in production of content by MSOs.

Room at the Top
in most functional categories, senior level positions are still less
plentiful than those lower on the ladder, there are exceptions. In
particular, Ms. Kaye, "Jobs at the vice president level and above are on
the rise in finance, sales and IT as more companies place internal
emphasis and financial resources behind these areas."