Indie producers seek SAG waiver

In a move that might lend the Screen Actors Guild bargaining leverage, nearly 200 independent producers are seeking waivers to continue production if the union goes on strike after its June 30 film-TV contract expires, Reuters reports.

SAG has offered interim deals during prior strikes, with producers agreeing either to terms of the union's final offer at the bargaining table or to terms of the final settlement between SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers, which represents the networks and major studios. During last year's six-month strike against advertisers, SAG signed more than 2,000 such deals.

If SAG grants film-TV waivers to indie producers, it could open the door for for top-line talent to work on projects during the strike with producers who are not involved with the SAG-AMPTP agreement. SAG's national board is expected to make a decision on permitting the waiver when it meets on March 31.