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IMAKE Makes a Milestone

IMAKE said Tuesday that its open-architected software now supports more than 20 million cable subscribers.

The vendor of software that ensures the delivery, billing and management of video-on-demand and interactive services said this marks the widest deployment on a per-subscriber basis of software of its type.

“Our product suite has become the most widely deployed back-office solution in VOD for two reasons. First, IMAKE's commitment to open standards enables clients to make technology decisions based on their own needs, and not the need to comply or integrate with some proprietary technology. Second, it builds business intelligence into the customer's network to optimize uptime, productivity and profitability,” IMAKE chairman and CEO Mark Schaszberger said in a prepared statement.

“IMAKE is proud to reach this milestone and looks forward to bringing open, intelligent VOD services to 30, 40, 50 million subscribers and beyond,” he added.