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ICTV’s ‘HeadendWare’ Is Just Grande

Grande Communications Inc. will expand its use of ICTV Inc.’s “HeadendWare” under terms of a deal announced Monday.

HeadendWare allows network operators to deliver interactive content and applications -- including animation, high-fidelity audio and full-motion video -- to any digital set-top.

Grande had already deployed HeadendWare in Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas, and it is now adding the platform in Corpus Christi, Midland, Odessa and Waco, Texas.

ICTV and Grande also are expanding the subscription service with new channels including three for children: "Sesame Street Games," "On the Farm” and "ToonGolf," as well as “KaraokeTV” and “LuckyGolfer” for older gamers.

And the “TvHead Games Channel,” previously available to all subscribers, will be expanded to create a subscription channel.

“ICTV delivers a package that includes a suite of attractive content from some of the biggest brands in interactive television, helping us to deliver new, quality products to our customers,” Grande interim CEO Scott Ferguson said in a prepared statement.