IBC: Sony to Promote Nexidia's Tech In North America

Sony has agreed to help promote Nexidia products to customers in the media and entertainment industry in North America.

Nexidia, which is a developer of dialogue and audio analysis products and technologies, will benefit from having Sony's widespread customer relationships in the region while Sony will gain access to newer technologies for its clients.

"This arrangement with Nexidia is an example of Sony's emphasis on collaboration with select companies for the benefit of our customers," said Steve Stubelt, VP, new business and solutions development at Sony in a statement. "Promoting Nexidia's products to our customers exposes them to technology that could have a significant and positive impact on their operations."

"Sony has long-standing relationships with some of the leading innovators in film and broadcast," added Drew Lanham, senior VP and general manager of Nexidia's Media and Entertainment division. "These companies are precisely the ones that could really benefit from our products. Sony's introductions to decision-makers at these companies not only open great opportunities for Nexidia, but make the companies aware of products that can help them solve challenges in their existing workflows or enable workflows they didn't know were possible."