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IBC: Astro Selects Pace For Wireless HD PVRs

In a major customer announcement at IBC, Pace plc has announced that it will be supplying its wireless HD PVR to the number one Malaysian Pay TV provider, Astro.

Astro, which provides services to more than 3 million households, is expected to begin installing Pace's next generation HD PVR in October 2013.

The HD PVR is equipped with a dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi solution, enabling the separation of video content from broadband data delivery. This feature allows video and broadband content to be delivered simultaneously without deterioration in the service quality, Pace reports.

The new hardware is based on a Broadcom 7356 CPU and comes with an internal hard drive and 1GB of RAM.

"The new hardware will act as a cornerstone for all future developments in the software and services side of our business and will further cement our position as the leading Pay TV provider in the region," explained Kong Futt Fong, senior VP strategic contracts at Astro in a statement.

The deployment builds on a longstanding relationship between the two companies. Astro has been using Pace products since 2007.