IBC: AP ENPS Mobile Gets A Facelift

The Associated Press has launched a new version of its AP ENPS Mobile that will allow journalists to stay more in touch with the newsroom by being able to automatically see updates to the newsroom system on their phones.

"Mobile access to the news production system is essential for today's news workflow," said Lee Perryman, director of AP ENPS. "Real-time updates in this new version is a key advance in mobile functionality. We are dedicated to continued enhancements of AP ENPS Mobile to make working in the field as easy as working in the physical newsroom."

That means journalists will be able to instantly see wires appearing, changes to the running order and scripts, without needing to hit "refresh."

The updated AP ENPS Mobile also mirrors the current ENPS v7 client, with an improved look and user interface that allows journalists and producers to move easily between the two systems.

AP ENPS newsroom systems currently are used by more than 60,000 journalists and help produce more than half of the world's broadcast news every day.