Humax to Provide DirecTV Set-Tops

Humax Co. Ltd. will develop digital-satellite set-top boxes for DirecTV Inc. under a deal announced Thursday.

The Korean vendor said the deal covers various set-top models, including entry-level receivers that will feature interactive services, as well as an HDTV receiver capable of receiving MPEG 4 (Moving Picture Expert Group) broadcasts, which is due to ship later in the year.

Humax is also producing the new DirecTV digital-video recorder, which is also due out later in 2005.

The deal is a blow to TiVo Inc., which previously supplied DVRs for DirecTV customers.

“DirecTV is poised to introduce several compelling new products and services in 2005,” executive vice president and chief technology officer Romulo Pontual said in a prepared statement. “We are pleased to have Humax as a partner to develop and manufacturer set-top boxes for DirecTV. Humax brings years of proven cost-effective set-top-box design and manufacturing.”