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Howard Stern Offers Take Off On Beer Pong

Known in some quarters as a game-changer, Howard Stern is putting his own spin on beer pong.
The Howard TV On Demand channel will be home to Strip Beer Pong, a new three-part competition series debuting April 23. Hosted by Shuli, a comedian and reporter at Howard 100 News on Sirius XM Radio, the show will feature Howard Stern Show staff members teamed with dancers from Rick's Cabaret, who disrobe piece by piece as --or if -- the opposing team scores points.
Howard TV's Strip Beer Pong is an eight-team, single elimination tournament where the winning team receives a cash prize and a one-of-a-kind trophy. In Strip Beer Pong, official beer pong rules apply, except for one crucial detail: three of each team's cups are pink and dubbed "strip cups."
"We had to find a sport where competitors who lack any athletic ability; a nerdy mumbler, an old man and gorgeous girls could all compete on a level playing field," said Howard TV executive producer Doug Goodstein in a statement. "Howard TV On Demand's Strip Beer Pong fit the bill. It capitalizes on the increasing popularity of beer pong but with the added spice that only Howard TV could add. We hope it catches on!"
The series will be available on In Demand Networks' Howard TV On Demand until the end of May.