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How to Reach Your Viewers Online

Viewers are reshaping the future of the broadcast industry. And the future of broadcasting is online. As more viewers opt out of cable subscriptions and cut the cord, broadcasters need to deliver more Over-the-Top (OTT) content to every screen. The race to become the successful Broadcaster of Tomorrow has just begun.

Check out the attached white paper for best practices on driving an OTT audience.

OTT content delivery opens broadcasters up to new, unexplored revenue opportunities, but delivering video online can be complex. We’ve broken down how to reach your audience in a few easy steps:

Step 1 Extend Your Workflow: With new devices, screen sizes, resolutions and software updates to address every day, broadcasters have a lot to consider as they scale their workflows. The right partner can help broadcasters deliver more video than ever before by simplifying the process from encoding to delivery.

Step 2 Integrate Existing Systems: Delivering online content through existing broadcast systems can involve huge capital expenditures in hardware, software, storage and additional staff. It can also be difficult to apply existing ad insertion rules online. Broadcasters need to streamline the process for scheduling content online and insert local and regional ads according to specific programming rules.

Step 3 Prepare for Scale: When it comes to delivering a TV-like experience to online viewers, there are many disruptions to consider, such as spikes in viewers, internet traffic jams and Domain Name System (DNS) resolution. A proven partner can strategically and effectively reduce latency and minimize buffering while delivering a smooth broadcast-quality experience to all connected devices.

Step 4 Plan for Revenue: To manage viewers, create subscription packages and generate more revenue, broadcasters need to future-proof their business models and infrastructure. Server-side ad insertion allows broadcasters to provide a TV-like, targeted ad-viewing experience. Exploring online business models, such as subscriptions, rentals and purchases is essential to monetize their online content.

Step 5 Grow Your Audience: Finally, broadcasters need the right tools to measure the success of their online content and promotions. It’s easier for broadcasters to gauge content performance and make informed decisions when they have a unified view of their analytics.

Becoming the Broadcaster of Tomorrow is entirely possible with the right online video delivery partner. For more information, our white paper digs deeper into the five steps involved and shows what to look for when choosing a partner.