How Broadcast Shows Will Finish

The network season is coming to an end and the highly anticipated season finales are about to air.

A pioneer in data-targeted advertising, Simulmedia uses its VAMOS (Video Advertising Marketing Operating System) software to predict the ratings of the last episode of broadcast’s most-watched shows.

So, spoiler alert, Roseanne is likely to be the most watched finale.

While designed for marketers to create custom audiences based on customer relationship management, 1st and 3rd party data and granular viewing behavior, it also factors in 180 million viewing events each day and observes over 250 million channel changes per day. This gives VAMOS the ability to predict audiences for shows weeks in advance.

Here are Simulmedia’s predications for the top 10 broadcast season show finales based on L3 ratings.

Each forecast represents the mid point between the upper and lower bounds of the 95% confidence interval.