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'Housewives’ Play "Dirty" With Game

Just in time for the holidays, the Desperate Housewives "Dirty Laundry" board game is on the shelves—but don’t put out those cookies and cocoa for the entire family.

The game is recommended for ages 13 and up, but even Flash! couldn’t help blushing at some of the phrases printed on the cards: "Your pregnant and overweight wife has a very itchy hemorrhoid" and "Your elderly grandfather secretly gropes people in crowds."

To win the game, players must piece together clues on "Secret" cards by correctly answering trivia questions based on the show’s first season.

The game could stump even the most finicky devotee of Wisteria Lane: What’s the first line of Mary Alice’s blackmail note? What restaurant are the Van De Camps in when Rex says he wants a divorce? Who on Wisteria Lane likes to dress up in leather, spikes and stilettos? We could go on and on.

"Dirty Laundry" is one of several corporate-inspired giftsABC is hawking to capitalize on its Golden Globe-nominated soap.

The game sells in a flashy tin collector’s case for $19.95 on ABC’s Web site, but a cheaper version in a flimsy white box goes for $9.99 at Walgreen’s.

And if a Desperate Housewives seems too awkward to play, other TV-show board games have just hit the market.

Fans can test their forensic skills with the CSI: Miami game from CBS. VH1’s popular clip show I Love the ’80s has spawned a game for people who are still stuck in that decade. And for next Christmas, ABC is plotting agame about Lost.

They all need to get a Clue.