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Hopkins Fight Draws 330,000 PPV Buys

HBO continued its run of successful pay-per-view boxing matches as its June 10 Bernard Hopkins-Antonio Tarver fight drew 330,000 PPV buys.

The fight, in which the 41-year old Hopkins upset Tarver to win the light-heavyweight title, earned $16.5 million in PPV revenues, according to HBO senior vice president of sports operations Mark Taffet. HBO's five PPV boxing shows this year have now generated more than $112 million in PPV revenue.

“Bernard Hopkins had his legendary ending, providing at age 41 a performance for the ages that boxing fans will remember forever,” said Taffet in a prepared statement. “We are thrilled to have been part of this memorable event and to be able to add it to our list of 2006 pay-per-view successes.”