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HomePlug Alliance Closer to Spec

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Inc. moved one step closer to developing its “HomePlug BPL” (Broadband Over Powerline) specification Friday.

The industry consortium, which creates international specifications for high-speed power-line-networking products and services, said it has selected the MAC (media-access control) and PHY (physical layer) technology for its “HomePlug AV” draft specification.

HomePlug AV is a 200-megabit-per-second-class power-line-networking technology designed specifically to meet the needs of digital-multimedia networks in the home.

"The choice of the HomePlug AV MAC and PHY technology as the baseline for the HomePlug BPL specification will have significant benefits for consumers, network operators and utilities," HomePlug president and Arkados Inc. CEO Oleg Logvinov said in a prepared statement.

"In addition to providing excellent performance and interoperability for HomePlug BPL, the selection will speed finalization of the HomePlug BPL standard," he added.