A Home for ‘Help Me, Martha’?

When producer Mark Burnett began
rolling out the syndicated
Martha Stewart Show back in
2005, he showed the press and agencies a
sizzle reel that included scenes of Stewart
showing up on the doorstep of unsuspecting
viewers and offering to help them
tackle house projects they were clearly
useless at (that is, once the requisite OMG
hysterics had died down).

That concept never made the jump from sizzle reel to syndicated strip, but
it appears now that it’s been revived as
its own to-the-rescue reality show called
Help Me, Martha. Martha Stewart Living
Omnimedia is still negotiating its final

Of course, now that MSLO and Hallmark
parent Crown Media Holdings are
in talks on a joint venture that may result
in a new lifestyle cable channel tentatively
called Hallmark Home (as first reported
March 29 by B&C), Help Me, Martha may
yet have a home.