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Broadband Usage to Spike 19% During Holiday Period, OpenVault Predicts

Consumption of wireline broadband is set to increase 19% between the end of the third quarter and the culmination of the holiday season, broadband consultancy OpenVault predicted.

The Hoboken, New Jersey company, which provides tools to cable operators that provide visibility on their broadband networks, said average monthly usage will increase from 275GB a year ago to around 327GB.

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The company said holiday period internet consumption has risen from 38GB in 2012.

OpenVault released data last month suggesting that cord cutters were using, on average, around 520GB of data per month.

““The holiday season is prime time for spikes in broadband usage that put increased stress on operators’ infrastructures,” said Mark Trudeau, CEO and founder of OpenVault, in a statement. “As the ribbons and bows come off countless new devices and they are connected to the Internet, they combine with cord-cutting, broadband network upgrades and higher speed packages to drive usage to record levels, ultimately setting the stage for the year ahead.”