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Hogan's HDTV Heroes

When we got the release that high-definition-television producer HDNet had made a deal with
Paramount for the rights to a bunch of shows produced in HDTV -- That's
, Wolf Lake, etc. -- but also "including conversion of Hogan's
for HDTV broadcast," we had to ask: Why Hogan's Heroes?

Let us count the ways or, better yet, we'll let HDNet cofounder Mark Cuban do
it (He responded by electronic mail): "1. because it's co-owned by Rysher Entertainment,
which I also own; 2. It's a classic; 3. It was filmed in 35-millimeter and we were able
to come up with all the elements to allow for a complete conversion; 4. In our
tests, it looked awesome in HD, and when we broadcast the first episode to get
viewer feedback, we got back more than 1,000 e-mails saying people wanted