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HITS NAS Service To Support Digital-to-Analog Devices

Orlando -- As part of their ongoing support for the National Authorization Service, Comcast Media Center and Motorola have implemented upgrades to enable support of digital-to-analog devices for CMC’s HITS Quantum affiliates.

 Testing is currently underway and the Comcast Media Center will begin supporting the use of digital-to-analog devices on cable systems using the NAS by this fall.

“DTA devices are an essential step in the industry’s move toward an all-digital platform,” Gary Traver, senior vice president, COO for the Comcast Media Center, said in a statement. “The CMC is dedicated to making the transition to digital as smooth as possible  for cable systems serving smaller markets.”

The one-way digital-to-analog device enables cable operators to move quickly and cost-efficiently to all-digital infrastructures by delivering digital-quality video and audio service to existing analog cable customers.

In addition, following the Feb. 17 broadcast digital transition, cable operators will provide analog, standard- and high-definition digital broadcast signals to their customers. 

The digital-to-analog adapter is one of the ways cable providers will be able to deliver analog and standard-definition broadcast signals to analog television sets following that transition.

Motorola’s scalable Digital Headend Systems have been upgraded to manage DTA devices alongside the existing population of set top boxes.  The systems will also fully support the evolving set top product line moving forward.

NAS provides cable systems serving smaller markets with a centralized alternative for addressing their set top management requirements. Its national services include conditional access and set-top addressability via satellite and Internet-based IP VPN connections to local digital headends.