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History Channel to Create Initiative to Preserve Historic Restaurants

The History Channel is partnering with culinary-based, non-profit organization The James Beard Foundation to create an initiative to help preserve restaurants in America that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The #SaveOurRestaurants initiative will provide resources and financial aid to historic, landmark restaurants that are struggling to keep their doors open due to the pandemic. The first recipient is Washington D.C.’s Ben’s Chili Bowl, which during the Civil Rights movement fed protesters who marched on Washington D.C. in 1963, as well as hosted several American presidents, according to History. Funds from the initiative will go towards restoring the restaurant’s interior and historic photos.

Other restaurants will be selected for the #SaveOurRestaurants initiative in the future, said History.

“With the launch of The History Channel’s series The Food That Built America, we have witnessed the nostalgic connections people hold close to their hearts and stomachs when it comes to food, and the restaurants they cherish,” said Kimberly Gilmore, SVP, Corporate Outreach & Chief Historian at A+E Networks in a statement. “The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted restaurants across the country, and some long-standing, iconic and historical establishments need a boost. Everyone can help play a role in preserving their favorite historic eateries like Ben’s Chili Bowl -together let’s unite and help save our local restaurants.”