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Hilton’s Prison Sentence Is a Game on

To commemorate the beginning of Paris Hilton’s 23-day prison sentence, unveiled The Prison Life: Paris, an online game that gives players a sneak peek at the heiress’ potential new job behind bars.

In making orange the new pink, GSN’s latest online game features an animated Hilton clad in stiletto heels, designer glasses and an orange jumpsuit. Game players position Hilton between levers that stamp blank California vanity license plates such as PRTYGRL, ABUVLAW, DUI4ME, DRV2FST and PRVTCEL as they pass on a conveyor belt.

A matronly guard stands watch as the Hilton heiress stamps her way through each level with more and more plates, increased conveyor-belt speed and additional levers for added difficulty. Players must perfectly align the plates and be careful not to squish her designer dog, Clinkerbell. Too many rejected plates or flattened pooches and it’s lights out for poor Paris.

The Prison Life: Paris is part of’s suite of mini-games that can be easily sent through e-mail, embedded in blogs and linked on Web sites. Previous original GSN mini-games include Rosie vs. Trump, The Astronaut Moonstalker, Kim Jong-Il: Missile Maniac and So You Think You Can Drive, Mel? These games plus many more are available to play and share on

“The Prison Life: Paris is a fast-paced original mini-game showcasing an international news story in a lighthearted manner,” game originator and GSN senior vice president of digital media and interactive entertainment John Roberts said in a prepared statement. “It really is the ultimate pop-culture game with very addictive qualities.”

Hilton was arrested for drunken driving in September and, in January, she pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of alcohol-related reckless driving. She was sentenced to three years' probation and had her license suspended.

In February, she was then caught driving with the suspended license after police found her exceeding the speed limit with her headlights out at night. On May 4, a traffic court ruled that offense violated her parole and she was sentenced to a jail term.