Headline News adds multimedia look

Don't mistake CNN's Headline News for Bloomberg TV or nba.comTV when the 24-hour news channel relaunches on August 6th. The network's revamped look will feature a multi-element screen and multiple anchors.

"We're changing everything but the name," Headline News General Manager Teya Ryan told TV critics Wednesday in Pasadena. "People want more information and they can absorb more; that was the inspiration for the changes."

Headline News' new screen is split into two sections, with video and headlines on top and weather, travel advisories and stock information on the bottom. The correspondents, which include news anchors and specialty reporters, will sit around a circular newsdesk with cameras bouncing around the news circle every 15 minutes.

Headline News plans to keep its programming segments on its familiar time wheel, including the placement of sports and business updates. The scope of the news will be broader, giving more attention to breaking news, the environment, health, personal finance and entertainment.

The changes a dramatic departure from the channel's current static one-anchor look and recycled taped segments.
"I'm delighted to hear people are afraid of how far we've moved," Kellner said.

Initially, Headline News will have nine hours of live coverage and eventually move to 18 live hours. The overnight will look different, with taped programming and only one anchor, although the screen's text information will remain updated.

Former NYPD Blue star Andrea Thompson and CNN veteran Miles O'Brien are anchoring the primetime block, joined by entertainment reporter Alisha Davis, breaking news anchor Satchi Koto, sports reporter Larry Smith, business correspondent Patricia Sabga and technology anchor Kris Osborn. The network has not named its anchors for other dayparts yet, although many of the current Headline News hosts are expected to stay on. - Allison Romano