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HD Ads Make Up 20% of TV Commercials

HD commercials now make up
almost 20% of all television commercials, which is about twice as many a year
ago, MediaDailyNews

According to Extreme Reach's
study over the second quarter of 2011, lower distribution costs, more local TV
adoption of HD commercials and a simpler execution of HD spots contributed to
the sharp increase.

Some businesses have seen
costs drop 30% due to cloud-based services, which 94% of local TV stations that
can take HD commercials use. The number of both local TV station and cable
operators that can take HD commercials has risen as well, to 44% and 63%,

Regional and smaller
marketers have begun advertising with HD commercials as a result of its growing

Advertisers had been in a holding
pattern for a while when it came to HD. The Q2 numbers reaffirm what we've
heard from advertisers for a while: When key industry hurdles to adoption
become less pronounced, you'll see more and more HD ads on TV," said John
Roland, CEO, Extreme Reach.