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HBO Taps Twitter to Unlock ‘GoT’ Teasers

Winter is no longer coming, it's here (especially this weekend in the Northeastern U.S.) -- but HBO is already pumping the debut of Games of Thrones season six by offering Twitter users the ability to unlock short teasers via the social networking platform.

Fans who tweet their "house" of allegiance (using the #HouseStark, #HouseLannister, or #HouseTargaryen hashtag) to the @GameOfThrones handle get access to those relatively spoiler-free snippets using Twitter’s new auto-reply feature.

Those who choose House Stark, for example, receive a link to a 25-second clip with the tattered colors of House Stark flapping away in a stormy breeze with the  voice of Ramsay Bolton uttering menacingly: "Winterfell is mine … come and see."  

Tweet away to see them all.

Season 6 of GoT is set to debut April 24 on HBO and HBO Now, the programmer’s standalone OTT service.