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HBO Max Sends Test Email to Some Subs, Blames Intern

(Image credit: WarnerMedia)

Nearly everyone has sent out an email (or two) accidentally. But when a major streaming service sends a test email out it doesn't go unnoticed.

Thursday evening, HBO Max sent a test email to some mailing list members (yours truly included). The email came through at 5:43 p.m. PT with the subject line "Integration Test Email #1" and simply said in the body "This template is used by integration tests only."

HBO Max was quick to address the errant communication on Twitter, blaming "the intern".

"We mistakenly sent out an empty test email to a portion of our HBO Max mailing list this evening," tweeted HBO Max's support account. "We apologize for the inconvenience, and as the jokes pile in, yes, it was the intern. No, really. And we’re helping them through it."

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The tweet prompted a flurry of responses, regaling the Twitterverse with stories of intern and even employee mishaps.

Monica Lewinsky, perhaps the world's most infamous intern, even chimed in.

"Dear intern," Lewinsky wrote. "It gets better." She cheekily added "ps. [sic] don't wear a beret for awhile, k?"

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As a refresher, Lewinsky was embroiled in an affair as an intern with then-President Bill Clinton. The scandal ultimately led to Clinton's impeachment, which will be fictionalized this fall on FX in Impeachment: American Crime Story.

Even though HBO Max did not name the intern, the company still got flak on Twitter for blaming the email hiccup on them.

Intern or not, these things happen.