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A Haunting They Will Go

Alexandria, Va.-based Puritano Media Group is pitching a reality pilot to the Big Four nets on a hunt for the best haunt-hunter.

The proposed 13-episode series--the company has just wrapped the pilot--would be a competition among would-be ghost hunters to join the D.C. Metro Area Ghost Watchers Society (DCMAG).

The competition would feature 12 contestants--three groups of four, each group given its own paranormal investigation and a winner in each chosen by CDMAG members. The three winners get a spot in the finals, to be held at Leap Castle in Ireland, where DCMAG held the first parnormal investigation, according to that group, pronouncing it one of the scaries spots on earth.

The ultimate winner will be chosen by the group and online vote.Executive producer on the show is company President Charlie Puritano. Producer is David Constine, whose resume includes corporate video for Nielsen and a cameraman credit on the E! special, Sexy Swimsuits 2001 (a tough job, but somebody's got to do it).

The show, which it targeted to the 18-34 demo could be ready by midseason or for fall 2006..

Constine says the company is also working on pilots for a show on short-track racing and a look at a Navy competition in which college and high school teams build amphibious robots that compete to complete specific tasks.