Harmonic Streams TV Over IP in Spain

Teledifusión Madrid, a Spanish digital-TV broadcaster, deployed Harmonic's ProStream 1000 stream-processing platform in what the companies claimed is the world's first single-frequency network broadcast transmission over an Internet-protocol network.

Teledifusión Madrid is also using Harmonic's DiviCom Electra 1000 encoders and DiviTrackIP statistical-multiplexing system. The encoders are used to transmit content from studios to Teledifusión Madrid's central headend, where the ProStream 1000 aggregates the services and distributes them over IP to various transmitter sites and they are received by local ProStream 1000 systems.

"Harmonic's unique and high-performance compression and stream-processing solutions, which include native IP and SFN support, are making it possible for us to incorporate a more flexible and efficient infrastructure and deliver the highest-quality video to consumers," Teledifusión Madrid CEO Fernando Ruano said in a prepared statement.