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Harmonic Floats Transcoding Into Amazon's Cloud

Harmonic has launched a cloud-based video transcoding service available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, offering the ability to convert broadcast-quality video into a variety of formats on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The ProMedia Carbon MP service is based on the Rhozet technology used in Harmonic’s ProMedia Carbon transcoding engine. The service carries a $69 monthly subscription fee, and usage rates range from $1.83 to $10.67 per hour in the U.S. depending on processing speed, according to the AWS Marketplace (opens in new tab).

Available since Feb. 12, ProMedia Carbon MP transcodes file-based video content in the cloud on an hourly basis and supports operations including SD/HD and PAL/NTSC conversions, logo insertion, color correction and multiformat closed-captioning processing.

“ProMedia Carbon MP significantly changes the landscape of high-quality video-format conversion by making it both cost-effective and easily accessible,” Yoav Derazon, Harmonic’s director of product management for cloud services and transcoding, said in a statement.

The ProMedia Carbon MP software is built on a version of Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) platform that includes Windows 2008.