Haimovitz leaves MGM Networks post

Jules Haimovitz has exited his position as president of MGM Networks to take on the role as a special consultant to the company.

At the same time, Bruce Tuchman, most recently senior vice president of Viacom's new media ventures, has been named to fill Haimovitz' shoes. These moves come on the heels of Priscilla Pesci's appointment to senior vice president of marketing at MGM Worldwide Television Group, which houses the MGM Networks' division. Now executive vice president of MGM Networks, Tuchman will oversee the distribution of MGM's library of films and TV series to cable and satellite outlets around the world.

It was unclear why Haimovitz is making the transition to consultant for MGM but maintained he "looks forward to continuing the association and developing new strategic initiatives." Prior to MGM, Haimovitz worked with Viacom, Spelling Entertainment and King World Productions.
- Susanne Ault