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Gun Rights Ruling Tops New Media Index For Week Ending July 2

Supreme Court's 5-4 decision bolstering gun rights was the top topic of
discussion in the blogosphere last week, according to the Project for
Excellence in Journalism's New Media Index.

story claimed 28% of the news links in blogs between June 28 and July 2.

second place was a topic near and dear to the hearts of surfers, Internet
access. Grabbing 17% of links was a BBC report that starting this month,
broadband access in Finland was a legal right.

in at number three were the unearthed remains of a whale fossil.
Tied at number four were another BBC report about a satellite image of the
globe that shows the impact of gravity, and various stories about the death of
Senator Robert Byrd.

index is based on data from Icerocket,
which monitors millions of blogs and imbedded links. PEJ staff compiles
the lists of links each weekday to glean the top five linked-to
stories. PEJ researchers read, watch, or listen to the posts and do a
content analysis similar to the one for the mainstream press in its weekly News
Coverage Index.