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Guavus Hires A New CFO

Big Data firm Guavus has named Mike Staiger as chief financial officer, succeeding Timothy Monahan.

Guavus is adding a new CFO almost five months after it hired former NetApp exec Manish Goel as CEO.

Staiger formerly served as chief financial officer of programmable logic solutions provider Tabula, where he played a key role in several debt and equity financings, strategic partnership activities, and technology joint development relationships.  Prior to joining Tabula, he was executive vice president and chief financial officer of Copper Mountain Networks.

“By developing solutions that provide our customers critically important business insights, Guavus has achieved extraordinary revenue growth,” said Goel, in a  statement. “We intend to continue on this trajectory in the coming years.  I have had the pleasure of working with Mike previously, and I am confident that Mike will play a key role in our future growth. His strong background in finance and business development adds important capabilities to the Guavus leadership team.”

Guavus's sytems collect and analyze information from a variety of sources, including customer care, deep packet inspection and interactive voice response (IVR) platforms, and feed that data into “decisioning applications” that marketers can then use to uncover new revenue-driving opportunities.

Last June, Guavus acquired Pipeline, a product originally developed by Applied Broadband that collects and analyzes IPDR (Internet Protocol Detailed Records) from cable modem termination systems (CMTSs).  At the time, the company said it had licensing deals with seven of the top 10 North  American cable operators, but declined to name them. Marwan Fawaz, a partner of Sarepta Advisors and the former head of Motorola Home and the ex-CTO of Charter Communications, is a member of Guavus’ panel of industry advisors.