Groups Gang Up vs. Adelphia Deal

Critics of media consolidation planned to meet Friday to plan strategies to head off the acquisition of Adelphia Communications Corp. by Time Warner Inc. and Comcast Corp.

The groups include the Center for Digital Democracy, Common Cause, the Center for Creative Voices in Media, Media Access Project and Free Press.

The coalition has already sent letters to 100 mayors and city and county executives, stating that the deal will give unacceptable “gatekeeper” powers to two already powerful companies.

The letters are “just the beginning, the opening shot,” CDD executive director Jeffrey Chester said.

"This is a choice between megalomaniac Comcast and wheeler-dealer Time Warner over ‘Your money is in my bank’ Adelphia,” he said of the merger.

Although the organizations may foment dissent against the deal, public and municipal opposition to media mergers and transfers has traditionally been unsuccessful.