Gotham Lands Hispanic Creative Duties for OK Cable

1-800-OK-Cable, a marketing
consortium of cable operators in New York, New Jersey and Southern
Connecticut, has tapped
Interpublic Group-owned Gotham ad agency to handle creative duties, including
Spanish-language advertising.

According to Gotham officials, a new campaign -- in English and Spanish -- is expected to break
in April.

Englewood, N.J.-based Gotham already handles Hispanic creative work for Time Warner Cable of New York City, an assignment that touched some nerves in the
Hispanic marketing community when it was awarded last year, as Gotham is not considered per se a Hispanic specialized shop.

Since winning the TWC business,
Gotham created a series of spots, currently running on
Spanish-language TV, pitching El Paquetazo, a mix of 138 channels in both
languages available for $35 a month in the New York City area.

is estimated that through Cablevision Systems and Time Warner Cable, OK Cable
represents more than 7 million homes in the New
York, New
Jersey and Connecticut area.