‘GoT’ Season Premiere Drew 2.6M OTT Views: Tru Optik

The season six premiere of Game of Thrones attracted 2.62 million views via over-the-top/streaming platforms across 2.1 million unique homes globally, during the first 24 hours after its premiere on Sunday night, according to data culled by Tru Optik, an ad-tech  company that tracks over-the-top media consumption.

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Among individual countries, the U.S. led with 184,296 homes viewing the season premiere off-network, more than double all of the episodes combined for the latest season of Netflix original House of Cards.

On average. 4.7 devices in each U.S. home could have been reached with banner and video ads promoting the season premiere to watch for free via a traditional cable subscription or the standalone HBO Now service, Tru Optik said.

As reported earlier, the season six premiere episode of Game of Thronesdrew more 1 million downloads in half a day, with about 200,000 BitTorrent users actively sharing copies of the episode as of Monday, according to TorrentFreak.