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Google to Brand New Android TV Device ‘Chromecast with Google TV’ (Report)

(Image credit: Google)

Yet more details have leaked for Google’s highly anticipated new connected TV device, which has has been shrouded under the project name “Sabrina.”

Over the weekend, Android Police writer Artem Russakovskii spotted and tweeted out a Target internal retail systems listing for the device, indicating that it will sell for $49.99 and hit store shelves on Sept. 30.

Notably, the device will not carry the Android TV brand name. It will be called “Chromecast with Google TV.” This would confirm a report back in May by 9to5 Google, which indicated that Google might rebrand its Android TV OS. 

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Google’s new dongle reportedly has the body of Google's legacy Chromecast HDMI dongle, but it will run on Android TV.  The device has been observed with breathless anticipation by some members of the media-tech press (Next TV certainly included). Chromecast, which relies on the users mobile device as a remote control, never achieved critical mass as a connected TV device ecosystem. 

But across channels ranging from pay TV set tops to smart TVs to third-party dongles and players, Android TV has achieved a bit of a global beachhead. To date, Google hasn’t back the platform with hardware of its own. 

But the introduction fo a low-cost HDMI dongle, which supports all major streaming apps—HBO Max and Peacock included—has the potential to disrupt the market.