Google Fiber Starts Sign Ups in Huntsville

Google Fiber said it has begun to accept service sign ups in Huntsville, Ala., where it will offer a mix of broadband, pay TV and phone services via a municipal-owned fiber network.

Google Fiber and Huntsville Utilities announced the partnership in February 2016, and represents an agreement that does not tie into Google Fiber’s separate decision to pause expansion in some markets as it pursues less expensive wireless access alternatives.

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In “Rocket City,” an area served by incumbent providers such as Comcast and AT&T, Google Fiber is selling 1-Gig broadband for $70 per month, a symmetrical 100 Mbps service for $50 per month, or TV bundles for $140 per month (with 100-meg), or $170 (with 1-Gig) . Google Fiber is also selling a home phone service for an additional $10 per month.

Homes and some businesses in North Huntsville are first in line for Google Fiber service. The first area tagged for service is “bounded on the west by Pulaski Pike and covers all of Huntsville north of Interstate 565 to the eastern city limits,” reports, adding that the north Huntsville section is one of six, and is one of the smaller ones, representing an area with about 14,000 residents.

Google Fiber is the city’s first tenant for its municipal fiber network, which will also allow other providers to lease access for their services, Caroline de Gantes, Google Fiber’s head of business operations in Huntsville, said in this blog post.